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"goddamnit" belph the banana ([personal profile] axilium) wrote2015-03-18 12:50 pm

ic inbox (cerealia);

"Ah, this is Belph. I'm too lazy to pick up right no—I mean, I am currently unavailable, so you'll have to try again later. Unless this is Elcia, of course, in which case I'm sure I don't need to hear it.


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[personal profile] madhatted 2015-03-28 03:55 am (UTC)(link)
[ A message pops up in your inbox from an anonymous source. How strange! If you don't delete it immediately, you'll be greeted with an audio message that's quiet, at first. In fact, it's quiet enough that just in time for you to turn it up, it starts to speak. It sounds suspiciously like Xerxes Break if you know him, but at the same time, there's a totally stupid voice being used, since it's not like Break would send this message along. Emily, though? Of course. She's such a gossip. ]

Had an x-ray done today. Guess what they found? It was you, safely tucked away in my heart! They said my heart is fine with a friend like you in it. Send this to all the people you love and care for, because if you don't, then something preeeety bad might happen to them! Heart failure is pretty serious~! Kehehehehehe!!!

(( ooc note ; break is sending this to literally everyone in the game, so I'm sorry... Feel free to figure out he caused it, since it's not like he's trying that hard to hide it. ))