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you're ew

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[... well. That topic got awkward fast, didn't it...

She just laughs her way through the awkward (a little forced, but only a little) and then waves it off.]

True enough.

[Maybe a clean slate would be better. SUBJECT CHANGE.]

Hey, have you met anyone weird here yet? [SHE SURE HAS]
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ngl i thought this was a gag tag for a moment

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Is there a mirror behind me?

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i can't deny this

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Thanks, I think.


But you're pretty weird too, so don't count yourself out.
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But it wasn't my fault! I mean, it was an accident and I wasn't looking where I was going anyway!

[Okay, maybe it was kind of her fault but still...!]

And besides, just why were you lying on the ground anyway?
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Don't rub it in, you don't have to be that mean.

[And that was the look you'll be getting on her face!]

Well, I got time! You can tell me alll about your wonderful story that you got yourself in! Hit me with your best shot, I think I can handle it!

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That's pretty pessimistic, don't you think? What about something like "if we're lucky we'll be safe, and if we're unlucky we'll just have to run really fast"!

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My legs aren't tiny! [Are you callin him short, punk.]
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[ the continuing saga of heung soo's fml moments.. ]

What is it that I'm doing to make it weird? [ Maybe sliiightly on the defensive edge here, since this is embarrassing territory he does not want to go into. Don't make it embarrassing, Belph, just.. don't. No one will like that.

.. okay, so maybe just Heung Soo won't like it, but it's still a point. ]
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Have you ever heard of Valentine's Day? I wonder how they'll take it here. Awkward and deadly...

[It's definitely an interesting thought.]

Cupids that try to kill you with love?
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Oh, are you? You must get by beautifully, then.
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Well, in the end, no one can demand that from you.